Manual Driving Lessons

Daytime Lesson Price

£ 45

1-Hour Driving Lesson

9AM-5PM (Monday - Friday)

Payment to be made 48-hours in advance.

Daytime Block Booking

£ 430

10 x 1-Hour Driving Lesson
(£20 Saving)

Full payment of £430 to be made in advance.

Evening & Weekend Price

£ 50

1-Hour Driving Lesson

5PM-9AM (Monday - Friday)
All Day Saturday & Sunday

Payment to be made 48-hours in advance.

Evening & Weekend Block Booking

£ 480

10 x 1-Hour Driving Lesson
(£30 Saving)

Full payment of £480 to be made in advance.

For the best learning experience all lessons are 2 hours long.

For your first driving lesson please bring your drivers license and any visual aid (if needed). Please also note that we require a 48-hour notice period for any changes/cancellation to lessons or you may be charged for the lesson in full.

Mock Test (3-Hour Lesson)

£ 135

Pick up, introduction to car and controls, drive to test centre area, mock test (40 minutes), results and debrief with mock test sheet to take home.

Test Day

£ 135

Cost of "Car Hire" on the day of practical test

If you live further away from the test centre and require additional time, an additional cost will be charged. This can be discussed with your instructor later on.

Refresher & Confidence Booster Lessons

£ 100

2-Hour Driving Lesson

Payment to be made 48-hours in advance.

Pass Plus

£ 270

Total of 6 Hours

Full payment to be made in advance.

11 - 16 Year Old Driving

Coming soon

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Shahira S
Read More
Noji is such a great instructor! He always remains calm and professional at all times. He has a very chill and humble nature which makes the experience very relaxed and less stressful. Although he gives tips and shows you the possible the routes you might take on the exam, he always reminds me that what's important is how safe you are on the road. Definitely recommend! And never give up, keep going to anyone who wants to pass the driving exam. Noji will help you with your nerves. 👍
Bethany Sherwin
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If you suffer with anxiety, Noji will settle your nerves as soon as you start. I tended to overthink things with my old instructor but he’s so relaxed and chatty that you learn how to multitask from the beginning. He critiques you when needed and prepared me very well for my test. Passed today with 2 minors on my first attempt. Thank you for everything! 🙂
Lea Q
Read More
Noji was always patient, professional, calm and knowledgeable. He prepped me for the practical test and gave me the driving confidence to pass first time. I highly recommend his services, friendly and helpful.
Shalim Ahmed
Read More
I passed with just 20 lessons! Lessons were very enjoyable and very effective. No time was wasted and took the test when I was ready. Highly recommended very chill instructor. You won't regret booking with him, make sure to book in advance as he has a busy schedule.
Megan Howe
Read More
Great driving instructor- reliable, calm and kind. I highly recommend him! I have an American license and have been driving for a while. He respected that, gave me a few tips and I passed soon after my lessons with him.
Wajih Ahmed
Read More
A great driving instructor, very patient and explains everything very clearly. He gave me the confidence to pass first time after 24 hours of lessons. Would highly recommend Noji to anyone.
Mary Temz
Read More
The best driver instructor I've had. He keeps it simple and straightforward. I passed on my 1st test!!!!!!! Highly recommend him!
Philippe Jung
Read More
Great instructor: calm, friendly and very pro. Knows when to be strict and how to hepp you build up confidence. Passed my test on the first attempt. Highly recommended.

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